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Hosting Options

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Below are optional add-ons available for Custom Web Hosting plans and others. Please be aware that your plan may already include these add-ons.

o)) WebSite Add-Ons Pricing To Order
W2 – Dedicated IP $60/yr Contact Us
W3 – Mailing List Server – Great for newsletters or any mass mailing needs (except spamming of course) Varies Contact Us
W4 – Optimization – Get your site recognized by the search engines.  Results are guaranteed! Varies More Info
W5 – Space1 – Extra disk space for your account Varies Contact Us
o)) Email Add-Ons
E1 – Virus scanning1All messages sent to any mailbox or forwarder on this domain will be protected from viruses.  You configure the level of protection. $30/year Contact Us
o)) Security Add-Ons
S1- SSL Basic – https for legacy hosting $25/year Contact Us
S2 – SSL Complete – https, Dedicated IP, Certificate and Installation $85/year Contact Us
S3 – SSL Let’s Encrypt – https, Valid domain cert by LetsEncrypt, Automatic Installation and renewal  $45/year/domain Contact Us
o)) Management Add-Ons
M1- DNS 5-Pack – Domain Name Forwarding, Sub-domain, and DNS management (pack of 5) [?] $15/year Contact Us
M2 – Backup1 – Automatic, hands off site backup, uptime management, and restore service solution.  Completely backs up web files, email accounts, configuration settings, DNS, and databases. Varies Contact Us
M3 – Backup2 – Includes all features of Backup 1 solution plus your entire site is already mirrored onto a separate web server.  If the primary server goes down, we flip the switch and your site loads from the backup server! Varies Contact Us
M6 – SSH – Connect to your server with Secure Shell (SSH) access. $6/Mo or $65/Yr Contact Us