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* What Is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is simply space on a web server to house your data to be available on the internet at all times.

You need the following to get started:
1) Domain Name
2) Web Hosting
3) Design (site content)


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!!! NEW !!!

Online SiteBuilder from HostNed 
Perfect for personal websites, hobbyists, businesses, or just about anything...

Create Web Sites Instantly with the WPB  SiteBuilder!

The WHP SiteBuilder helps you create polished, professional-looking Web sites in record time.  The easiest way to establish your presence on the web.  Here's what it offers:

  • 60 pre-built templates. Designed to get you up and running fast!  They include genuine content, relevant for small businesses from accounting firms to construction companies.
  • On-screen editor. The online content editor (WYSIWYG) is just like a word processor.  No need to learn new complicated software.  Use the skill you already have to create and edit content.  Dummy-proof drag-and-drop capabilities for easily adding images, text area, navigation menus, and more.
  • A color selector.  Easily change the colors within your selected template to match any season.  Any changed you make do not go Live until you click the PUBLISH button. 
  • Powerful shopping cart system. (Merchant Version)


  • SiteBuilder: Construction and Building

  • Pre-fill your website pop up window

  • Drag & Drop/Direct inline Editing

"You've gotta try this thing!"

Try sitebuilder demo free. Plesk 10 sitebuilder demo. 

(Opens in a new window)

2 Versions Available

  • Standard Version:  Great for creating and maintaining web sites of all kinds.

  • Merchant Version:  Includes a "shopping cart" environment for selling online. This provides your customers with a powerful yet simple buying experience that is sure to keep them coming back.

Example Websites

Purchase/Upgrade Now

Buy Standard Version, $11/mo

Buy Merchant Version, $19/mo

To get started with this new offer, Use the contact page or if a current customer open a ticket for sales/upgrades.



Coming soon ;)




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