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* What Is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is simply space on a web server to house your data to be available on the internet at all times.

You need the following to get started:
1) Domain Name
2) Web Hosting
3) Design (site content)


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Accept Credit Cards Online


- Your Web Site with E-commerce!

Third-party merchant service vs. Your own merchant account - A third-party merchant service is the best solution for the smaller business.  There is no need for you to deal directly with banks, no need to get SSL server, no need to deal with fraud.  With a 3rd-party merchant account, all the hard work is done for you.  The payment is actually being processed by the provider on your behalf.  On the other hand, your own merchant account will give more decision-making to you and may be more affordable for higher volume businesses.

3rd Party Merchant Services

PAYPAL - It is so easy to use PayPal to accept credit cards online by creating payment buttons. All you need is an email address to get started, and in just minutes you can be selling online!  Supports subscriptions (recurring orders).

2CheckOut has over the years become one of the industry leaders for third-party payment processing online.  Funds processed are automatically deposited in to your existing bank account, so no need to make a separate account as with PayPal.  Other features include shopping cart, fraud protection, recurring orders, and API integration for advanced programmers.

Your Own Merchant Account

  • PAYQUAKE - The PayQuake Merchant Account makes it easy on you, too. You can not only increase PayQuakesales, you'll cut paperwork and reduce risk, too! Our partners authorize credit card purchases, process them, and deposit the proceeds into your account. Your account is fast, hassle-free, and affordable.


Store Builder / Carts

  • EBAY STORE - Start selling online immediately! You can open an eBay Store in just minutes and instantly reach millions of buyers via the eBay marketplace - all for a low monthly subscription fee.


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